Hy3S -- Hybrid Stochastic Simulation for Supercomputers
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The Developers' Corner

We're happy to collaborate with other developers of scientific software which simulate or visualize the "small" world, especially biological systems. If you're interested in the exploration of new and exciting areas of research, then feel free to contact us.

We're also interested in objectively determining the ability of stochastic simulation to make precise quantitative predictions on the dynamics of biological systems, especially gene expression. While stochastic simulation has been shown to be very accurate when you know the details of the system, there has been limited study of its capabilities with incomplete or imprecise information. We're curious to see if a blind test of the capabilities of stochastic simulation (and mathematical modeling in general) will help improve its shortcomings. So if you're intrigued (and you have data), then drop us a line.

In general, if you're interested in helping out by submitting bugs, fixes, or new code, then you'll need a SourceForge account. You can create one (it's free) and then email me for more details.

The ToDo List

A brief list of tasks that should be done and will be done sometime in the near or far future.
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